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Olym’s Swim Shop is every swimmer’s one-stop shop to keep your swim bag and locker well stocked. We offer all the accessories that you need without the prices that you don’t. Visit us on location for the hottest swimsuit styles and brands at the lowest prices.

The shop offers excellent choices for men, women, youth boys and girls and children boys and girls. In each range the collection includes multiple sizes to help ensure you find exactly the fit that will suit you best. The products are well priced with the aim of catering to the varied budgets of our customers. Moreover there are exclusive offers and opportunities for sales and discounted purchases throughout the year.

We carry both Speedo and Arena swimsuits and swim equipment. Our stock varies from competitive and racing swimsuits to recreational swimsuits as well.


Toronto (Scarborough) Location: Olym’s Swim Shop, 2541 Warden Avenue, Toronto Ontario.

Our membership ranges from the brand new swimmer to the elite competitive athlete, adults and recreational swimmers, and it is our aim to sell products that appeal to every age group and experience level. We specialize in Speedo and Arena brands. We have over 100 different bathing suit styles and goggles showcasing the most up to date choices in swimming fashion. Swimmers and parents can also shop for swim caps, swim equipment, swim accessories, footwear, and apparel.

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Olympian School of Swimming

The Olympian School of Swimming is a national swim organization headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  The organization, founded in 1993, started as a competitive swim team but soon expanded to include learn to swim lessons, a pre-competitive swim program, adult lessons and master’s classes, and lifesaving courses in addition to our provincially ranked swim team.

We have an exemplary staff of over seventy instructors and coaches working together to provide the best swim experience in the country.

Visit Olympian School of Swimming at www.olympianswimming.com

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At the Olympian School of Swimming we strive to advance our own, and our sport’s, development as well as to share the advantages of such development with swimmers, parents and staff, as we move forward in the world of swimming. We currently have more than four thousand swimmers in our organization. It is our goal to provide not only the most up to date training and learn to swim techniques but also the newest and most exciting swim products on the market.